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Natural Soy Lotion Wax

A planted based lotion wax that has a clean burn with no harmful chemicals.

Essential Oils

Vitamins E


Candles & Room Fragrances
Hair  & Scalp Care
Skin Care Oils & Lotions
Beard Care

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Conveniently located in Historic Freighthouse Square on the Link Light Rail system.

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Your Guests Will Thank You

Your sense of smell has the capability of forming stronger memories than any of your other senses. So if you want your guests to remember your home as flowery and fruity, go on ahead. But if you want to transform your place into a destination that everyone wants to visit, ABBA’s premium candles will make your house feel like home.

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So make unforgettable memories with premium, long lasting scents that leave an impression on everyone who walks through your door.

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